Silverton, South Australia, 2023.

Memory & the Architecture of Failure.

Christopher Rimmer’s latest exhibition, “Remnant, The Tragedy of Lost Significance,” emerges as a poignant reflection of his three-year exploration into the heart of the vast Australian Outback. Undertaken amidst a world grappling with the challenges of a pandemic and of subsequent lockdowns, Rimmer’s artistic quest attempts to uncover meaning in the remains of failed human endeavour, and in doing so drawing parallels between our contemporary world and that of our forebears. By, Rachel Dimmock.

Stuart, South Australia, 2023.

Set to be exhibited in Melbourne this winter at Angela Tandori’s Art and Collectors Gallery in Fitzroy, Rimmer’s latest body of work exudes a prevailing sense of melancholy, perhaps influenced by the global calamities concurrent with its creation. The crumbling ruins captured in his photographs serve as silent testaments to the ambitious aspirations of the outback pioneers from the last century. While these relics may not immediately inspire awe in modern viewers, they possess an undeniable allure, inviting contemplation of past dreams and ambitions infused with confidence and hubris made a mockery of by the vagaries of climate — circumstances not dissimilar to today’s world recently brought to the brink of the abyss courtesy of a microscopic virus.

Goldmine, Tibooburra, South Australia, 2024.

Through twenty-five large-scale C-type colour photographs, Rimmer intricately explores the juxtaposition between construction and destruction, aspiration and failure, hubris and ruination. His work compels viewers to confront the inherent vulnerability of ambitious undertakings, serving as a reminder of the impermanence of grand schemes when confronted with the unforgiving forces of nature and time.

Bush Cinema, Stuart, South Australia, 2023.

Rimmer’s collection prompts viewers to ponder the fragility inherent in such ambitious endeavours and to inevitably confront the sobering realization of the transience of even the mightiest powers. The melancholic aura captured in his images transcends temporal boundaries, resonating with contemporary audiences as they contemplate the uncertain future of our world.

Christopher Rimmer in Outback South Australia in 2022.

In the backdrop of today’s challenges, from climate change to geopolitical instability, Rimmer’s documentation of these crumbling remnants of past aspirations raises poignant questions and underscores some distressingly obvious answers. “Remnant, The Tragedy of Lost Significance” promises to be a thought-provoking exhibition, inviting viewers to reflect on the cyclical nature of human ambition and the enduring legacy of failure.

Soldier Settlement, South Australia, 2022.

Christopher Rimmer’s “Remnant, The Tragedy of Lost Significance” will be showcased by Angela Tandori at the Art and Collectors Gallery in Melbourne, Australia later this year. For those unable to attend in person, the collection will also be available for viewing online at

Iron Knob, South Australia, 2022.